Saturday, August 31, 2013

Let's Go!

Scene 1: Being at school this week when class lists were posted and seeing the excited students there to find out which class they were going to be in.

Scene 2: Being at ANY store remotely involved with selling back-to-school items and seeing the line ups and crowds and the smiles on the faces of students picking out a new pencil case, package of markers, or a new back pack.

Both of these were scenes that got me thinking... our students start off the year at an all time high for excitement for coming to school.

Unfortunately, what we usually do as teachers, is try to subdue and eliminate that feeling of excitement and replace it with "proper behaviour" where students will sit in an orderly fashion and listen as we teach them what they will need to know.

What if we kept them excited?

What if when they entered our classrooms we not only harnessed their natural excitement, but got our students even more pumped up by having them involved in learning that challenged them and made them an active participant in what they were learning?

Let's try it!

Let's try using the incredible amount of interesting technology to engage our students and keep that level of excitement for school at an all time high. 

I can't wait for Tuesday to get here.

Let's go!

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  1. I cannot believe you wrote this BEFORE school started and the EXACT opposite happened at our first day of school assembly. Our most excited students got a lecture. Boo.