Saturday, August 24, 2013

$55 Tablet!!

I absolutely love the fact that the PDSB is making tablets available for the low cost of $55. One of the arguments laid out when BYOD programs are put in place is that some kids are automatically put at a disadvantage because of their socioeconomic status and that they won't be able to bring technology to school.

I submit that the tablet being offered pretty much solves that problem. Even if a family is in a financial position that they are unable to afford this tablet in one payment, I think it should be possible for schools to purchase a few to have and lend out (or "rent") to a family for the school year. Realistically, you are looking at less than 7 bucks a month for the school year to have a child with a suitable tablet for any BYOD program operating in a school. From where I sit, that is absolutely awesome!!

I also think it would be great for students to see teachers and administrators using the tablets as well. This would point out to the students that the equipment being offered is what is needed to complete the task and that you don't need to bring the "top of the line" tablet, or smartphone to school to be an active participant in any BYOD program.

I can't wait for mine to arrive!!

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  1. I am with you Mr. Fletcher! I am thrilled that the board has secured this great price for our staff and students. Let me know what you think of yours when it arrives.