Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I started to use Collaborize Classroom with my classes today and it seems to really be a hit so far. Mind you, we've only been working on an introductory activity having nothing what so ever to do with Math or Science, but the students are interested in the idea of an online learning environment.

I can tell that I'm going to have to go over how to use proper English in a post and in a reply, as well as how to strengthen responses, but that is something I expected to do - and I would have to do if the students were answering with pencil and paper as well!

It will be interested to see how the interest keeps up when it is "real" work being done online.

One other "issue" which has come up in each of the classes I teach is that of students who do not have a computer at home, or do not have internet access on their home computer.

Right now, I think what I'm planning to do to solve the problem is to have those students come in early, or at lunch, or stay after school, to use the school computers when work is being done online.

I also had the idea tonight of perhaps looking for community programs which could assist with the purchase of a computer, or internet access if the family was in financial need. I guess the reason for not having a computer, or access to the internet could also be a belief on the part of the family, in which case it may be more difficult to have that student involved in our online community.

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